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"and you can dream... so dream out loud"
-U2, Acrobat

Dream Out Loud.  Take an idea and turn it into action.  An idea that lies at the heart of the special connection shared between U2 and their fans for more than 37 years.  A relationship so unique, that in 2001 at an Elevation Tour show in Anaheim the seed was planted to make a film about it. Over the Elevation Tour, The Vertigo Tour, The 360 Tour and the Innocence and Experience Tour that idea matured into the film “Dream Out Loud.”  This film tells the story of U2’s fans and their extraordinary connection to the music, the band and each other. 
It’s about U2 fans.  Their experiences.  Their stories.  

  How do you tell such an ambitious story? 
You have the fans tell it themselves.
They are the only ones that can. 

 So a plan was set in motion.  The idea became action in February 2017 with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the film, all based on the idea that this film would be made by U2 fans for U2 fans.  The U2 fan community did not disappoint.  On March 1, 2017 hundreds of U2 fans answered the call to fund Dream Out Loud, and now the idea was real. 

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Production began in May 2017 in Las Vegas, and followed the 30th Anniversary Joshua Tree Tour from its open in Vancouver, through the band’s homecoming in Dublin.  Along the way we visited 25 cities in 5 countries interviewing more than 200 fans from 25 nations, ranging in age from 12 to 74.  Fans from the very beginning, fans seeing their very first U2 show, fans from all walks of life.

This film is a conversation, with 200 people. These experiences all weaved together bring to life the incredible journey that U2 fans have been on since 1980.  Where we have been and where we will go. 
We Dream Out Loud.

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