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Well if you dream then dream out loud, -U2, Always

Dream Out Loud Requests to finish film.

Dream Out Loud tells the story of the relationship between U2 and their fans.  A relationship that spans more than 40 years.  The film includes testimony and heart felt stories and experiences from 200 U2 fans, ranging in age from 12-74, representing 25 nations. 

To document this relationship 3 points of view are required.  That of the fans, that of the band, and that of third party witnesses, which can come from  management, crew, DJs or other contemporaries.  

To complete this film we need to insert a few soundbites from management, crew, and Edge if he is willing (as he was when we spoke to him before the kick off of the EI tour).

In considering these requests we urge you to fully realize the historic nature of this film.  A relationship like this has never, and will never happen again in music history.  Dream Out Loud is a special film because it does not just answer the who, what, when and where of this story.  It details why.  Why was this relationship so special.  In considering this request you have a responsibility not just to the band that is your client,  but to the fans around the world and to history as well.  Just like the band U2, sometimes a project comes along that is an exception to the normal rules that apply, and Dream Out Loud is that exception.  With this in mind, please review our requests below, and help us by working with us to complete this story to its full potential.


REQUEST 1 - The Early Days

In this segment we need to insert a soundbite from Principle Management.  The story requires a third party POV statement here that illuminates any early strategy in building a strong following of loyal fans.  A personal recollection on the budding relationship between the band and the fans would also be very good.  We would prefer it to be from Mr. McGuiness if he is willing, but Shiela Roche or Keryn Kaplan would also work well. 

Fanclub and Tickets Excerpt

In this segment we need commentary from Principle Management and from the early founders of U2 World Service and Propaganda Magazine.   For Propaganda we think that Martin Wroe would be ideal.  We need a soundbite that explores grass roots growth of the magazine, the penpal section, and what was the goal of the magazine. How did it help nurture the relationship between the band and the fans.
From Principle we need a soundbite that illuminates the decision to make extremely good tickets available to fanclub members.  The Propaganda member tickets were often the best in the house.  This decision resulted in extremely loyal life long fans. 

Social Justice Excerpt

Bono spoke a bit in this segment about the growth of One, but this segment needs input from Edge regarding the launch of Music Rising, and his personal feelings on beginning to see U2 fans at shows wearing Music Rising shirts.  How did the incredible support from U2 fans help Music Rising, and how did it make him feel?

Crew Reference Excerpt

Our final request is for  the crew.  In particular Dallas Schoo (who told us he wanted to participate in the film) and Joe O'Herlihy, as there has never been a U2 show without Joe.  We need their perspective on how this relationship has grown, and why it is always important to them tour after tour to stop and take photos and interact with the fans.  There are many stories of the crews incredible kindness, and their perspective as to why they do this in crutial.  

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